Monday, 2 April 2018


Room 7 have been writing similes, here is some of our descriptive writing.

The dog is fluffy as a pillow. The dog is cute as Toby. The dog has big ears like an elephant. The dog is as fluffy as cotton wool. The dog is as fluffy as a cloud, by Foki.

The dog is cute like a fluffy puppy and so fluffy and so cute and the puppy is fluffy. I can hug it and it is fluffy like the sky and the dog is fluffy like a cloud, by Talita.

The cat is so angry because he is wearing glasses and got whiskers and fluffy like the sky, by Angelo.

The man is like a soldier. The man is as tall as a tree, by Jakhongir, Jazmine, Ashley, Raymond, Arhaan.

The man is strong like a boxer, by Mesa.

The man looks ugly as Mr Twit, he looks clever like an explorer, by Brooklyn.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Ron the Wesley Primary cat

We have been writing in memory of Ron, our school cat. Room 7 has used some adjectives to describe Ron and how we remember him.

Ron was fluffy and he was cool and orange. He was very lazy.
Ron was big and fat, we liked him.
Ron was big and orange. Ron was fluffy. Ron was a cool cat. Ron was cute.
Ron was amazing. Ron was fast. Ron was the best cat.
Ron has soft fur. Ron is a clever cat.
Ron was the best fluffy and cute and the best cat at our school.
Ron was the best cat ever.
Ron is fluffy and cute. He was funny and fat.
I love Ron. He was so nice and he had fur. But then they cut it and he was cute and fully and he had orange skin and big. Everyone was always playing with him and he was FUNNY.
Ron was lazy. Ron was cute. Ron was drinking from the toilets from a tap. We could not stop playing with him.  We liked him so much. We liked it when he licked our hand.Everyone loved Ron. Now Ron when he died everyone is sad.
Ron is the best he is fluffy and he’s amazing too. He’s cute, he’s the best school cat in the world.
Ron smelled nice. Ron has two eyes. Ron has a tail. Ron has claws.
Ron has sharp teeth. Ron has whiskers. Ron has a body. Ron likes sleeping.
Ron was fun, he was fluffy and nice. Ron was orange and big and the best cat ever. He made us so happy. He was sick but then the best cat in the school died. He was so so happy and he was funny.
The teachers fed him like they owned him, he was good.
Ron got very sick. Ron was the best  and then Ron was dying and then Ron died. It was so much sad.
Walk to the office, I see Ron sitting near the door and he is the fluffy cat I have ever seen.
Ron is funny and fluffy and soft.
Ron was a happy and a fluffy cat. He was funny too. We loved him until he died.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018


We have been reading a poem about Cats this week, some students have written their own poems about cats.

Flabby Tabby is a cat because he is small like a rat and bat

by Ashley

Flabby Tabby is a cat because he is fat

by Talita

Flabby Tabby cat sat on my lap and Flabby Tabby slap on my lap

by Junior

Friday, 16 February 2018

Room 7

Room 7 is a class of Year 3 students. Our families come from many countries all over the world, including New Zealand.

Some of us are from

  • New Zealand
  • New Zealand and are Maori
  • Uzbekistan
  • India
  • Samoa
  • Tonga
  • Cook Islands
  • Niue
  • Africa

Talking Buddies

We have started the term by learning and practising how to actively listen to a buddy. We have talking buddies who we regularly talk with to share our ideas and listen to their ideas.

In Room 7 when we are a good talking buddy we use eye contact, listen, share our ideas and take turns.


Our Inquiry this term is learning about where we stand in the world. We used Jandals to show where we stand in our world, country, area and school.

Saturday, 27 January 2018

Welcome back to Room 7!

Welcome back to Room 7 in 2018.  This year we are a Year 3 class of students. We are looking forward to a great year of learning.